We Always Have Money For The Things We Want

Everyone Has Money For Office Supplies

In all honesty, no matter how limited we may be or may say we are with financial resources, we always have money for the things we want to buy. Somehow, no matter what it is, if we want it or want to do it, we will find the resources for it. That being said, I always have money for office supplies. In this post I am going to be talking about three main ideas about paying for office supplies. First, I’ll talk about purchasing office supplies on a budget, second purchasing office supplies at a discount, and finally, how you can get budget-friendly, cheap office supplies online.

Office Supplies On A Budget

No matter what your project is, you will always find the resources to pay for what you need. For example, if you are taking a road trip to visit a friend across the country, you not only will find the time and money to do it, but you will find the money you need specifically for gas, food, lodging, snacks, and anything else you will need to get you there. The same thing goes for when you are doing projects at home. If you need scotch tape to wrap Christmas presents, you aren’t simply going to forgo wrapping Christmas presents, you’re going to buy as much scotch tape as you need. Despite your willingness to get whatever it is you need to complete your project, in most cases, it is still important to be mindful of how much you are spending. That being said, it is possible to buy and love office supplies on a budget. Just like anything, planning ahead allows you the freedom to purchase whatever you want. Rather than thinking that you simply do not have the money to complete the project you need to do or to purchase the fancy pens you would like to use to make it great, just plan ahead and limit what you do need. It’s easy to go crazy and want to buy everything you see, especially if like me, you think the office supplies are cute and fun, BUT, just like most of do with you carts at the store, pile in as much as you want, and then filter out. Office supplies on a a budget simply allow you to enjoy the ones that you do invest in all that much more.

Office Supplies At A Discount

When you’re on a budget, you’re always looking for a deal or a discount. Office supplies, like any other products, have deals and discounts all the time. But, to continue with the theme of planning ahead, as you need to do when you’re on a budget, you also need to plan ahead to find office supplies at a discount. Well in advance of your project or whatever office supply you need to purchase, you want to keep a look out for deals and sales. It is possible to buy office supplies at a discount, but you have to look for them and usually you have to be patient waiting for them. This is why the planning ahead part is so key. Just like anything, if you’re looking for something, you’re less likely to find it, this includes office supplies at a discount. Most office supply businesses have sections that display office supplies at a discount, not only should you be aware of these sections, but you should frequent these sections. The fun thing about office supplies at a discount is that they are unpredictable. Depending on what’s in stock, what’s over stock, and what simply needs to go to make room for new stuff, anything and everything can be a deal when you’re hoping to buy office supplies at a discount.

Cheap Office Supplies On Line

When you’re looking for something specific, often times it’s hard to find. Right? You need that one specific flavor of something and they have every flavor but the one you are looking for. This is also true for office supplies, especially when you need them now. It is easy to find office supplies online, but even more so to find cheap office supplies on line. Obviously, when you search for cheap office supplies on line you need to look for them in places where you wouldn’t necessarily think to find them. Traditional office supply sites will definitely have what you’re looking for but it’s the less road taken sites where you can find the best cheap office supplies on line. Often we overlook looking for the things we need in the less obvious places because they are not as obvious, but, that is often where we can find them the easiest and for the best prices.

Everyone Can Find Affordable Office Supplies

When you need to complete a project and it’s your reputation on the line for the final result, don’t hesitate to invest in the exact office supplies you will need. Sometimes spending money on something that we only use once feels unnecessarily wasteful, but in the case of office supplies, you WILL use them again. Just like anything, quality office supplies are an investment and you should plan to use them over and over again even if you do that over a long period of time. Remember, you have to decide what you need and then it is your job to find the right office supplies to do the trick. Remember, like most things, the best way to make sure you have what you need and at a price you can afford is to plan ahead. When you do that you can save money and still get quality products. Keep in mind, that if you want to take a vacation, you will find a way to take that vacation, the same should go with quality office supplies. Planning ahead, taking your time and investing in time to search will allow you to find quality office supplies on a budget, find quality office supplies at a discount, and find cheap office supplies online.

Availability Of Office Supplies

Depsite the many uses and functionality of all kinds of office supplies, you may be searching for the availability of certain office supplies based on a specific task.  In addition, you may have questions not just about availability, but availability with different focuses.  In this post we will cover availability of office supplies based on the following four categories: The definition what it availability of office supplies means, office supplies essentials, office supplies on a budget, and personalize office supplies

What Does Availability Of Office Supplies Mean For Me?

As stated in previous posts, there is such a variety of office supplies accessible for your use depending on your task. When we talk about availability of office supplies we’re not just talking about what is accesible for anyone to use, we’re not talking just about supply of office supplies, but rather what is the availability of office supplies that can cater specifically to the project you are completining.  So when asking, what is availiabilty of office supplies you need to ask yourself what kind of project are you hoping to create, what office supplies are need to comlete this project, and what is the availability of those specific office supplies that I will need that are unique to me.

Let’s assume that the project you need to complete is a diarama for your child’s school project. When considering a diarama, you need to consider not just what the diarama is going to be of, but in fact, the more important question is what kind of office supplies do I need to complete this project? In considering a basic school project like a diarama, you are going to first create a list of what office supplies you think you will need before you even begin looking for those specific office supplies. For example, let’s assume the diarama requires paper, glue, cardboard, markers, pipe cleaners, colored pencils, scissors, and tape, (you will also need a shoe box to create the actual diarama, but we’re just talking about the actual office supplies you will need to complete it). Now that you have decided which office supplies you’ll need to complete the project, you then move to finding the availability of those office supplies and choosing what is best for you.

Office Supplies Essentials

Whatever your project is, you are going to need office supplies to complete it. After first considering what the availability of those office supplies is, you then must consider what are the essential office supplies speicifc to your project. In the aforemtiontioned example, I referred to the creation of a diarama.  Let’s continue with that example.  You know what project you are hoping to create and now you know what office supplies are needed and the availability of those office supplies, so next consider specifically which of those are essential office supplies for project completion.

What does it mean for something to be essential?  According to dictionary.com for something to be essential it means that it is absolutely necessary or extremely important. So when you are creating a project, you must consider which office supplies are specific to your project and then which of those office supplies are essential. In the creation of a diarama for your child, you may need scissors to cut paper and cardboard into the items you will use to accemtuate your ideas. What then would be essential about scissors? Well, beyond just needing scissors, maybe an essential office supply would be crafting scissors, scissors that make designs and textures which would allow for extra creativity in the diarama project. Essential office supplies are unique to not only your project, but unique to your specific desires. So YOU decided what are your essential office supplies and naturally, they change with the creator and the project.

Office Supplies On A Budget

Despite your enthusiasm about your project and despite your enthusiasm about your office supplies, (and believe me it is possible to have enthusiasm about office supplies), you have to consdier which office supplies are essential for your project and most importantly which office supplies are affordable.  In other words, you must consider how to narrow down what you need and consider your office supplies on a budget.

I think the word budget has a stigma associated with it.  When we hear budget we think about what we CAN’T have. I disagree.  Creating a budget does not prevent you from getting what you want, just the opposite, it allows you to get exactly what you want, but in a responsible way.  Office supplies on a budget does not mean getting cheap and inexpensive office supplies, it just means you get what you want and decide which ones are a priority and which ones are not. It is possible and realistic to get the office supplies you need on a budget, without limiting yourself. Like anything, you just have to be wise about how you invest.  Consider what is essential, prioritize, and make a list of what office supplies you want, need, and can get on a budget.

Personalize Your Office Supplies

Let’s say you know exactly what you need for your project, you have checked availabililty, you have made a list of essential office supplies, and now you’ve made a budget.  In your budget you have crafted room for personalizing some of your office supplies. When I say personalize, I don’t just mean getting pens and pencils with your name or logo on them, but rather, choosing office supplies that personally interest you and may only be used on a very limited scale.

If you have the opportunity to narrow your search and choose office supplies that may be unique to one use or one project, and you’ve budgeted for it, then get those personalized office supplies and have fun.  There are so many office supplies available, have fun picking and choosing.  Keeping your budget in mind, you can really put some energy into choosing specilized office supplies that can help you personally take your project to the next level.

So What Have We Learned About Office Supplies? 

Despite what can sometimes be an overwhelming feeling, creating a project and completing it does not have to be daunting. Make a plan and consider what you want. Once you have considered the availability of office supplies, the essential office supplies for finishing your project, considered your office supplies on a budget, and finally allowed yourself to personalize office supplies some of them, you can put yourself in a position to not only finish a project, but create something you can truly be proud of.

I Love Office Supplies

I know many people who tell me that they can’t go into certain stores without dropping lots of money before leaving. Some of these exciting items for folks are hair products, hardware products or products for home and office storage. For me, and some others, our passion and the products I find the most irresistible are office supplies. I am always looking for the best office supplies and it is impossible for me to pass over fun office supplies when I see them.

It Doesn’t Matter If I Need Office Supplies, I’m Going To Buy Them

Addiction means we are victims of our impulses. As someone who is addicted to office supplies, I can never have enough of them. Think of folks who obsessively buy shoes or canned goods or hair accessories, they don’t buy them because they need them, they buy them because they simply cannot resist. This is my feeling about office supplies.

When I see office supplies at a brick and mortar store or online, I inevitably browse to see what looks good. Admittedly, I pretend like I’m just looking, in fact, if someone offers to help us we usually say, “No thanks, I’m just looking,” but who are we trying to kid? When we say we’re just looking, we know that we will leave the shopping experience with more than we started with and that has nothing to do with need. In fact, sometimes I find myself buying bulk office supplies because it’s a deal that I just can’t resist.

For obsessive shoppers the belief is I can always have more. This is how I feel about office supplies. I have boxes of pens at home, but I don’t have THESE pens, I have boxes of notebooks at home, but I don’t have THESE notebooks. I tape at home, but I don’t have THIS tape at home. When you have an obsession, being rational is tossed out the window. More is better, need is irrelevant.

Office Supplies Are Fun

When you are passionate about something you can talk about it forever. For me, that passion is office supplies. Some people may think it’s strange to obsess about anything, let alone office supplies, but you would be surprised at home many people I encounter are as excited as I am about office supplies.

Sometimes when I’m looking at office supplies my mind jumps to an opportunity when I CAN use it not if I NEED to use it. It’s exciting to find things that you can use and may want to use. Because even if that opportunity is only one time, I am glad, and excited, to have the proper office supplies to complete it.

When I find supplies that I like, I simply cannot resist office supply deals. I can always use more. I can always fill my stock of home office supplies and at the same time am always looking for new and modern office supplies. You can never have too many. Frequently I will buy more of each item because I like to have plenty in my supply both at home and at the office. It’s more convenient to have plenty at each rather than taking them back and forth.


What Are The Best Office Supplies?

There really is no right or wrong answer to this question. The best office supplies are the ones that you need. There are always classic supplies that you should have on hand but there will be projects you have that require you to buy a variety of new and fun office supplies. Chances are, you will need to get something you don’t have. But, like anything, once you do have it, you are more likely to use it again and again. Once we have the best office supplies for our project, you are more likely to find other projects to do so that you can specifically use the products you have purchased.

Just like any new product, try a few things out before you commit to one brand, you may surprise yourself. There are indeed, many cheap office supplies, but test them and see if they have the quality you need. Despite the fact that most of us have used school office supplies like Elmer’s glue our entire lives, maybe there is another brand of glue that you prefer. In fact, you may discover that there are many office supplies and office products that you didn’t’ know existed. You may frequently hear yourself say, “I didn’t know there was a tool for that!” When it comes to modern office supplies, the availability is endless.

Why Buy Office Supplies?

In the same way that many people purchase cleaning supplies or bathroom supplies or canned goods and store them up, there are many people who purchase bulk office supplies. Just like canned food, it’s always good to know that you have plenty as a back up. Finding cheap business supplies and office supply deals on things you know you will use is always a good reason to purchase them. You always want to be prepared. We’ve all been in a situation where we go to wrap presents or our kid needs to do a school project and just as we pull tape from the dispenser, the second pull is the indicator telling us the roll is empty. Shoot! Someone go to the store and get tape. Buying things like tape, clear tape, masking tape, and even correction tape is always good to have on hand because those are the things you use regularly and of which you will always need back-ups.

Be Passionate About The Things That Are Most Useful To You

For as many folks as there are who tell me that it’s weird that I love office supplies, there are just as many people who tell me they also have a passion for home office supplies. Fun office supplies are easy to get excited about and more importantly, they are easily accessible. You can turn your day completely around just by getting yourself some brand new office supplies that you can use and enjoy immediately.

Custom Pencils

Home Office Supplies- Modern and Classic

Whether you work in an office building, work at home, or simply have every day projects that need completed, the tools you will use to complete these are office supplies. In order to be professional no matter what project you’re working on, you will want to know about the incredible office supply options that are available for you to use to be successful.

Office supplies are no longer just used in an office by office workers. No matter what your project is, whether a professional project or a craft or activity for your child at your kitchen table, you will need office supplies to complete it. In order to do that you’ll need to know what types of office supplies are available and their usefulness.

I am going to break this down for you into four parts. First, I’ll talk about the usefulness of office supplies in everything we do. Next, I’ll talk about the uses of office supplies at work and at home. Third, I’ll discuss the newest office supplies that are available. Finally, I’ll discuss the classic office supplies we have been using for years.

Office Supplies Are Used In Everything We Do

Whether you realize it or not most tasks that you do every day require the use of an office supply. Despite the fact that many things are done online these days, there is still a use and desire to accomplish things that cannot be done online.

If you write a paper, you’re using office supplies. If you use post-it notes, you’re using office supplies, if you’re coloring or using markers, you’re using office supplies. If you’re using scissors or a hole punch, you’re using office supplies. If you’re wrapping presents using tape, you are using office supplies. Most of us don’t think about what we’re using, we just know we need it. But, imagine if you had to think about it. Imagine if pens and paper clips and tape simply were not “just things we had at home.” Imagine a world, YOUR world without office supplies.

Office Supplies Are Used Every Day At Work And At Home

Imagine yourself working in an office environment. If you look at what’s on your desk, next to pictures of your family, you will see that you are surrounded by office supplies. A typical desk set up includes, a stapler, tape dispense, an organizer for pens and pencils, and trays for incoming and outgoing papers. Inside the desk you will find even more. If you open the middle drawer of a typical office desk you usually see the following: post-it notes, paper clips, binder clips, rubber bands, white-out tape, scissors, personalized pencils and pens, notebook paper, legal pads, and a variety of other things. Again, we do not even realize the extent to which we use office supplies without thinking about it. Additionally, besides the obvious things we use in the office, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, paper towels, file cabinets, and calendars are included under the office supply title.

When it comes to using office supplies at home for personal use, the needs are unending. Think of the posters your kid is making to advertise for prom at school, the poster board, markers, glitter, glue, etc are all necessary office supplies to complete the project. Think of leaving notes for your family members around the house reminding them to fold their laundry, when their dentist appointments are, and what time dinner will be on the table, the post it notes or the paper, the pen or pencil or markers, and the tape used are all office supplies we use without thinking about it.


There is not one day that goes by without each of us using of office supplies. They are an underappreciated, but necessary part of our every day lives whether we work in an office or not.

Modern Office Supplies

If you have used the same supplies for years and have never found the need to reconsider those traditional office supplies, then let me tell you that you are in for a pleasant surprise. When it comes to the advancement and impressiveness of new and modern office supplies, there are plenty. Many people use office organizers for pens and pencils and paper clips and staples, but now organizers are available as a matching set with all the other office supplies you use. You can get these in your office color or office theme. You can design them to match and support the look of the company. Desk chairs are available that are ergonomically designed to meet all the physical demands and needs at your desk. Back support, reclination, and a wide range of height adjustments allow you to create and design a chair that works best for you. Desks are no longer simply a means to having a hard surface to write on, they now come in various shapes and sizes, as well as in adjustable models for sitting or standing purposes depending on your personal goals and needs. Finally, earth friendly ink, paper, and pen and pencil material are available to continue your work with environmental consciousness.

Classic Office Supplies

In addition to the new varieties of supplies to make your work and business and project experiences better, all the classic office supplies that you have used since you were a kid are also still available. Pens, pencils, markers, notebook paper, scissors, glue, and tape are just as useful and necessary today as they were when you were a kid getting ready to kick off the school year.

Office Supplies Are No Longer Just For The Office

The word office in office supplies implies that these tools are only useful in an office setting, we know this is not true. Maybe years ago it seemed absurd to have office supplies anywhere but an office, but not anymore. For a variety of reasons we need and use a variety of office supplies in almost everything we do in our lives. Let’s be honest, the office part of office supplies no longer defines their uses.

All Your Office Supplies

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About All Your Office Supplies

Welcome. Today’s office supplies are not the office supplies your grandma used.


As a public school teacher for 22 years, each year, before students arrived, the best part of kicking off the school year was when the staff was given the supply list for us to choose what we needed for our classrooms.  We were given a set amount of money to buy whatever we wanted. I guess you could say, THIS is how I became fascinated with office supplies.

My parents were both educators also and when I was growing up at the end of the school day, I would love to take the bus to my dad’s school and hang out in his classroom until we went home. As a kid, I would rifle through his desk and use every pen and marker I could find, filling up paper after paper.  Besides markers and pens, in his desk I saw paper clips, white out, pencils, erasers, binder clips, staples, post it notes, staple removers and all kinds of exciting stuff. I could spend hours just playing with all that stuff.  I guess you could say, THIS is when I fell in love with office supplies.

One of my closest friends sells office supplies for a living.  His job is to sell corporate accounts to schools and businesses and woo them with the newest in office supplies.  As his friend, I have come even further under the spell of office supplies. He is a master at engaging others and making the most unexciting average office supplies sound fascinating.  He has also had this effect on me. He shows me the latest in pens with special ink made from recycled materials. He shows me the many types of post-in notes and the various dispensers they come with. He shows me crayons, colored pencils, binder clips, erasers, folders, notebooks, and paper of all kinds. I guess you could say, THIS is when I became obsessed with office supplies.



From my early years hanging out in my dad’s classroom to the most recent day that I ordered office supplies for my classroom, I have had an interest in this. What I did not know was exactly how much these every day tools have evolved over time. It is my goal to share and facilitate learning and knowledge about what office supplies are available.  Some are the same as when you were a kid, but many are amazingly creative state of the art supplies like you’ve never seen before.



I hope to make office supplies more accessible to everyone and to expose folks to the many varieties in the wonderful world of office supplies that they didn’t even know existed.


C Palomino